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On what strategies these digital marketers execute their business and how they generate huge revenue

Well here is the 360° view of digital marketing process..

There are six basic strategies on which a successful digital  marketing  is done.


 Let’s have a look on each of them.


It is nothing but we have to make our product and services visible to the customer. But   the question is that do we reach the right customers .we have to make our product and services to reach our potential customers.

And we can reach our customers by using the powerful advertisement platforms like facebook ads, Instagram ads, google ads, blogs and many other.

Bringing the targeted traffic :

The  traffic which is  nothing  but our potential  customers who  can  brought to our sales page to generate  leads .

Basically here are the to ways of generating traffic

One Inbound and the other is Outbound

Inbound marketing :

The customer searches online for buying  is inbound marketing  customer know what  he want and  they searching for  it  .

 Out bound marketing :

out bound traffic  is a process of reaching out our potential  customers by  displaying our product and services on highly engaging property by making use of  ads ,banners  etc .


Now it is the main strategy to work on for digital marketers because the research says 95% of visitors are not  ready to buy  our product and services.

Only 5% of customers is interested in buy interested in buying our product and services.

With the engagement we can target 95% of the visitors so that we can convert them later on.


Our main goal is to make our potential customers buy our products or services, here the customer  who  reach our site  provides  some  data such  email ,phone number etc..

it seen that here the small conversion is done which is known as micro  conversion  and if we the customer  buy our  product or  services it  is  called  the macro conversion.


it is the then most important strategy that  any digital  marketer uses  it  is done to understand  the  behavior of visitors.

Here all the activities of the customers is tracked and the performance of the website is enhanced

To improve our conversion rate understanding the traffic and different types of tools are used for the measurement process.


The customers are retained with the  help  of micro conversion to convert  them by sharing some tips on  emails, newsletters, sending our new blog  post.

A true digital marketer know the  value of retaining  the  customers and  he retain  his  customers by providing loyalty  to  them such  as  discount coupons on their future orders.